Welcome to the official site for the candidate Benjamin Campbell!

Ben is running for the 4th Ward of Calhoun County which comprises all of Bedford Township, Pennfield Township, Convis Township and a few outcroppings in northern Springfield and Battle Creek. If you would like to learn if you are within this area, please consult This Map generously provided by Calhoun County to determine who and where you can vote come this November 6th!

Ben is running for a bipartisan approach to local politics, and wants Calhoun County to be the pride of Michigan. If you would like to learn more about the candidate please visit the About Ben or the Issues and Ideas pages to discover more. If you would like to speak with or send a message to Ben, please go here

This site will feature regular updates by the candidate such as videos, blog postings and other content that will be openly available to the general public.

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