About Ben

Benjamin Campbell is a Michigan native who has lived his entire life in or around Battle Creek. He proudly graduated from the wonderful Pennfield High School and is currently attending Kellogg Community College to study nursing.

Ben works at the local hospital currently as an Acute Care Assistant and formerly as a Patient Safety Assistant. He absolutely loves his work and going out of his way to improve the lives of others, no matter who they are. He has met countless people from all walks of life, and from these experiences, he knew that he wanted to make the lives of his patients and the fine people of Calhoun County better in a much bigger way.

In his time, he has seen our roads crumble, our schools weaken, our economy fail and our community spirit dim. All the while crime, poverty, dangerous narcotics and other horrible things have flourished. This is due to ineffective leadership, and what Ben believes to be a disconnect from the direct interest of the people. We must invest in our citizens, and if you believe this to be true please check out the Issues page for more information.

Partisan Politics is destroying the common bond and civility we share with our brothers and sisters on a national scale, and Ben wishes to take a stand and change this awful fact. It is time for people to come together once again with reason and compromise! Time for the Millennials to stand up and prove, once and for all, that they actually do not ruin everything, but in fact: make it better! Time for great changes to this community!

Democrat or Republican, young or old, we are Americans, Michiganders and wonderful, amazing people first. Aesop once said “United we stand, divided we fall.” This has never been more true. We must look past our differences and expect from our leaders honesty, clarity and commitment for the people.

So, if you are tired of all the nonsense, the confusion, the anger and the lunacy of today’s political world, please join me: Benjamin Stephen Campbell, in standing up for what the people want, what Michigan needs, and to create a future for Calhoun County and all of Michigan to become: The Greatest State in America!

(Which it already is, we just need to prove it)