About Ben

Hello, I’m Ben! I’m a Michigan native who has lived my entire life in or around Battle Creek. I am proud to mention I graduated from the wonderful Pennfield High School and am currently attending Kellogg Community College to study nursing.

Working at the local hospital, I have had the great pleasure of working closely with countless people and patients. Something that I have found, no matter who you are, is that everyone is fed up with the way our government works and the state that our State is is in.

me for state house
Ben Campbell

I believe that together, great change starts small and it starts in Calhoun County. With small, but effective government that works well and is free of the shoddiness and shadiness that we are seeing today.

I believe that together, Calhoun County and the rest of Michigan can be one of the greatest places on Earth to live!


(Which they already are, we just need to prove it!)